Panasonic and Amazon Fire TV join forces to revolutionize smart TV experience

Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd. announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Services LLC, solidifying a licensing agreement for Fire TV.

Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd. and Services LLC are joining forces to redefine the smart TV landscape. This exciting collaboration, unveiled today, aims to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience, tailored to individual preferences and brimming with immersive visuals and intuitive access.

Central to the partnership is a licensing agreement for Amazon’s Fire TV platform. This integration promises a seamless personalized home screen, where viewers can effortlessly navigate their favourite streaming services, apps, live channels, and curated recommendations. Responding to the ever-evolving ways we use TVs, Panasonic and Amazon will combine their strengths to create:

Content Discovery Reinvented: The joint effort focuses on building an intuitive interface that anticipates desires, surfacing content viewers will love based on their viewing habits and interests.
Immersive Visual Delights: Panasonic’s renowned expertise in image and sound technology will merge with Fire TV’s UX prowess to create stunning visual experiences optimized for individual environments.
Connected Ecosystem of Entertainment: From laptops to mobile devices, and further integrating seamlessly with smart home devices and recording equipment, this collaboration envisions a truly connected entertainment ecosystem.

It was declared by Mr. Akira Toyoshima, CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication, that this partnership marks a pivotal step towards their mission of delivering ‘excitement and comfort’ through the power of entertainment and communication. They expressed their thrill at joining forces with Amazon to offer enriching experiences that ignite curiosity, evoke emotions, and colour life with vibrancy.

Starting in 2024, Panasonic will unveil a new generation of smart TVs powered by Fire TV and infused with its unique technologies, such as content-adaptive image quality. This signifies the first wave of their expanded lineup, poised to redefine the smart TV landscape with personalized content discovery and stunning visuals.

Mr Daniel Rausch, Vice President for Alexa and Fire TV at Amazon shared their incredible excitement about partnering with Panasonic and bringing Fire TV to their new generation of smart TVs. They noted that this collaboration would blend the best of both worlds, seamlessly providing access to Fire TV’s personalized streaming experience and Alexa’s intelligent capabilities, all combined with Panasonic’s cutting-edge technology and renowned visual excellence.

This partnership marks a new chapter in the journey of reimagining the smart TV experience. By uniting their technological expertise and a shared passion for innovation, Panasonic and Amazon pave the way for a future where entertainment truly caters to individual desires and immerses viewers in a world of discovery and delight.