Premier Li Qiang asserts that strong China-Australia relations benefit both nations and regional stability

Chinese Premier Li Qiang emphasised that maintaining sound and stable China-Australia relations serves the interests of both nations and aligns with regional expectations.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang underscored the importance of maintaining strong and stable relations between China and Australia, stating that such ties are mutually beneficial and align with the broader expectations of regional countries. In a recent statement, Premier Li highlighted that robust China-Australia relations are essential for the economic well-being of both nations and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.

Premier Li’s comments are pivotal for China-Australia relations, which have experienced fluctuations in recent years. Despite political and economic challenges, the Premier emphasised that the long-term benefits of a constructive and stable relationship far outweigh any short-term difficulties. He noted that both countries have historically enjoyed a robust partnership that has contributed significantly to their respective economic developments and regional influence.

“Facts have proven that sound and stable China-Australia relations serve the common interests of the two peoples and meet the common expectations of regional countries,” said Premier Li. He pointed to the extensive economic ties between the two nations, highlighting that China is Australia’s largest trading partner, with bilateral trade amounting to over $230 billion annually. This economic interdependence has been a cornerstone of their relationship, fostering growth and development in both countries.

Premier Li also emphasized that Australia’s rich natural resources and China’s vast market create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both economies. Australia supplies China with critical raw materials such as iron ore, coal, and natural gas, which are essential for China’s industrial sector. In return, China provides a significant market for Australian agricultural products, education services, and tourism. This interdependence underscores the need for continued cooperation and dialogue to ensure the stability of this vital economic partnership.

In addition to economic benefits, Premier Li stressed the importance of China-Australia relations for regional stability. He noted that a stable and constructive relationship between the two countries serves as a model for regional cooperation and helps to promote peace and prosperity throughout the Asia-Pacific region. By working together, China and Australia can address common challenges such as climate change, regional security, and sustainable development, setting a positive example for other nations in the region.

Premier Li called for increased dialogue and engagement at all levels to build trust and understanding between China and Australia. He emphasized the importance of addressing differences through constructive communication and mutual respect, rather than through confrontation or unilateral actions.