President Sadyr Japarov initiates project to boost capacity at Irkeshtam and Torugart border crossings

President Sadyr Japarov has set the wheels in motion for a significant infrastructure upgrade aimed at enhancing the throughput capacity of the Irkeshtam and Torugart border crossing points. The President’s directive instructs the Cabinet to prepare the necessary resolution to select a contractor for the rehabilitation of buildings and roads in the vicinity of these crucial border crossings.

President Japarov personally inspected the Irkeshtam checkpoint on July 28, where preparations for a vital construction project were already underway. Since May 2023, extensive work has been in progress following the agreement forged between Kyrgyzstan and China. The focal point of this ambitious undertaking is the construction of a 4-lane road spanning 3.4 kilometers, including the creation of a remarkable 187-meter-long elevated bridge. Additionally, a conveyor line will be installed to facilitate the efficient transportation of coal in the region.

Currently, the Irkeshtam checkpoint operates with a capacity limit of 100 trucks and 60 light vehicles per day. However, the checkpoint experiences an overwhelming volume of traffic, with more than 300 vehicles traversing it daily in both directions. This congestion has led to significant delays and long lines in the border area. The forthcoming infrastructure upgrades aim to alleviate these challenges and enhance the efficiency of border crossings in the region.