President Xi Jinping calls for comprehensive reform to propel Chinese modernization

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasises the necessity of comprehensive reform to propel Chinese modernisation, focusing on innovation, economic efficiency, and social equity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has underscored the imperative of advancing comprehensive reforms to drive forward the modernization agenda of China. In a statement issued on Thursday, President Xi emphasized the need to deepen reform efforts across various sectors, signalling a commitment to fostering sustained economic growth, innovation, and social progress.

President Xi’s call for further reform underscores China’s ongoing commitment to modernization and its aspirations to become a global leader in innovation and development. The emphasis on comprehensive reform reflects a recognition of the interconnectedness of various aspects of governance, economy, and society in driving sustainable progress. The directive to deepen reform efforts across the board highlights the government’s determination to address structural challenges and promote inclusive growth.

Central to President Xi’s vision of reform is the pursuit of innovation and technological advancement. Recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of technological developments, China is doubling down on efforts to promote research and development, enhance intellectual property protection, and cultivate a culture of innovation.  President Xi’s call for reform aligns with China’s broader strategic goals, including the pursuit of high-quality development, ecological conservation, and social equity. By deepening reform efforts, China seeks to address pressing challenges such as income inequality, environmental degradation, and regional disparities, while ensuring sustainable and inclusive growth for all.

President Xi’s directive also reflects China’s commitment to governance reforms aimed at strengthening the rule of law, enhancing transparency, and promoting accountability. By fostering a more efficient and responsive governance system, China seeks to build public trust and confidence, laying the foundation for sustained social stability and progress.