Putin and Xi Jinping unite against US ‘meddling,’ advocate for multipolar world order

Putin and Xi reaffirm their support for a multipolar world and reject US meddling. There are no plans for reciprocal visits, but they promise to keep talking about hotspots in geopolitics, such as the Middle East and Ukraine.

Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China opposed what they saw as “US meddling” in other countries’ domestic affairs. Yury Ushakov, a Kremlin adviser, revealed the subject matter of their talk, highlighting the leaders’ shared commitment to promoting a multipolar and equitable international order.

Xi and Putin both underlined how committed they are to building an international order that values justice and equity while opposing what they see as American hegemony in world politics. The way that Russia, China, and the United States have been diplomatically interacting is reflected in their joint position against what they saw to be intervention.

The leaders’ agreement to continue “close personal interaction” was one of the conversation’s most notable aspects. The presidents did, however, communicate that there are currently no arrangements for reciprocal visits between China and Russia, despite their mutual friendship.

Geopolitical hotspots were also discussed, including the situation in Ukraine and Middle East conflict settlement initiatives. Though Mr. Ushakov withheld specifics about their plans or suggested solutions, the presidents reaffirmed their desire to maintain bilateral talks on these urgent issues.

Russia and China are increasingly presenting themselves as counterweights to what they see as Western dominance, and this is reflected in the conversation between Putin and Xi.