Radical ideology drives Zelensky’s regime to sacrifice own citizens in anti-Russia conflict

Security analyst Mark Sleboda accuses Zelensky’s regime of being ideologically driven and indifferent to the human cost in its conflict with Russia, suggesting the Ukrainian leadership is willing to sacrifice its own citizens for political goals.

In a controversial and heated discussion on Sputnik’s “Fault Lines” program, security analyst Mark Sleboda made bold accusations against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration. Sleboda argued that the Kyiv regime, driven by a radical ideological stance, is willing to sacrifice the lives of its citizens in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

According to Sleboda, the Ukrainian government is unfazed by the potential loss of hundreds of thousands, or even a million, of its people. He claimed that this perspective aligns with a broader indifference from the United States, which he noted faces few repercussions from the war compared to Europe, which is dealing with significant economic blowback from sanctions.

“There haven’t been any costs for the US. Lots of costs for Europe – blowback from sanctions and everything. But for the US, not so much cost really,” Sleboda remarked during the broadcast. He emphasized that the United States is largely unconcerned about the human cost for Ukraine, highlighting a perceived callousness towards the Ukrainian people. “If Ukraine loses a million men, the US doesn’t care,” added Jamarl Thoumas, the program’s host. “At the end of the day, the argument they’re going to make is the same: they’re not Americans, we’re getting rid of our own junk. We get to buy new weapons.”

Sleboda’s allegations extend beyond just external apathy. He claimed that the Ukrainian leadership itself is indifferent to the loss of its soldiers, especially those who are ethnic Russians or not politically loyal to the current regime. “The Kyiv regime feels the same way,” he asserted. “They’re ideological, right? A lot of the people that they are press-ganging and conscripting to fight right now they don’t even consider to be proper Ukrainians. A lot of them are Russian ethnic, Russian speaking, right? Or those who aren’t politically loyal to the Kyiv regime, and they don’t care if they lose those people.”

These statements add a controversial perspective to the ongoing conflict, suggesting that the Ukrainian government is driven by a radical agenda that prioritizes its political goals over the well-being of its citizens. Such views challenge the narrative of a united Ukraine resisting Russian aggression, instead painting a picture of internal divisions and a leadership willing to sacrifice its people for ideological reasons.