Red Sea Global And VAARST Join Forces To Revolutionize Coral Reef Conservation With SubSLAM Technology

Described as the most accurate underwater 3D real-time measurement system on the market, SubSLAM is set to revolutionize the way marine ecosystems are mapped and preserved.

In a move towards sustainable tourism and marine conservation, Red Sea Global (RSG) on Thursday, 14th December announced a pioneering collaboration with UK-based marine robotics leader VAARST. The Saudi Arabian multi-project developer is set to revolutionize the mapping and preservation of underwater ecosystems using VAARST’s state-of-the-art SubSLAM photogrammetry technology.

RSG, known for spearheading ambitious regenerative tourism destinations, revealed on Thursday that it has initiated a pilot project to employ SubSLAM in mapping the coral reefs of Al-Wajh Lagoon, situated in the northeastern part of the Red Sea. This advanced photogrammetry technology, touted as the most accurate underwater 3D real-time measurement system in the market, is set to produce high-resolution 3D digital representations of crucial marine habitats.

In an official statement, RSG emphasized the transformative impact of VAARST’s photogrammetry and real-time intelligent data collection system on underwater ecosystem mapping and preservation. The company expressed pride in being the first in Saudi Arabia to adopt such cutting-edge technology, underscoring its commitment to sustainable and regenerative tourism practices.

SubSLAM’s capabilities, driven by advanced 4K sensors, enable precise quantification and identification of corals and underwater objects. This technology is not merely confined to data collection; it guides remotely operated vehicles in conducting detailed habitat inspections. By comparing current and past imagery, the system facilitates the monitoring of changes in the marine environment, thereby promoting biodiversity.

Collaborating with King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, RSG aims to empower its scientists with the ability to rapidly identify and classify marine species. This collaboration is set to streamline the process, eliminating the need for exhaustive hours of footage review. Additionally, the utilization of SubSLAM mitigates the risk of human error caused by fatigue, ensuring a more accurate and efficient approach to marine conservation efforts.

Emphasizing the importance of a proactive approach, RSG highlighted that addressing challenges such as coral bleaching and invasive species is crucial to preserving the Red Sea’s beauty and diversity for visitors. By leveraging SubSLAM’s capabilities, the company positions itself at the forefront of sustainable tourism, aligning with global efforts to safeguard delicate marine ecosystems.

The collaboration between RSG and VAARST signifies a significant stride towards responsible tourism and environmental stewardship in the region. As marine conservation becomes increasingly imperative, this technological advancement promises to set new standards in preserving the underwater wonders of the Red Sea, establishing a model for conscientious tourism practices worldwide.