Russian attacks in Donetsk Oblast leave one dead, 7 injured

In Yasenove, another village in the Pokrovsk district, one civilian was reported injured.

On the morning of June 27, Russian forces launched a series of attacks across Donetsk Oblast, resulting in one civilian death and seven injuries, according to Governor Vadym Filashkin’s report on Telegram.

The attacks targeted multiple locations, with casualties reported in Toretsk, Selydove, and the village of Yasenove. Filashkin detailed that an aerial bomb was dropped on Selydove early in the morning, injuring six people, including two teenagers. Selydove, situated approximately 15 kilometres from the front line in Pokrovsk district, suffered significant damage. Seven high-rise buildings, five houses, three administrative buildings, and four cars were affected by the attack.

In Yasenove, another village in the Pokrovsk district, one civilian was reported injured. The most severe incident occurred in Toretsk, a city less than 5 kilometres from the front line, where one person was killed.

This latest attack on Toretsk follows a similar incident the previous day, which resulted in one death and seven injuries. The increase in attacks near Toretsk aligns with a statement from Ukraine’s Armed Forces on June 18, noting that Russian operations in the area were intensifying after a long lull in fighting.

These incidents underscore the ongoing volatility in the region and the continued threat to civilian populations near the front lines. As the conflict persists, local authorities and international observers remain vigilant, monitoring the situation and assessing the humanitarian impact of these attacks.

The escalation of violence in Donetsk Oblast raises concerns about the potential for further civilian casualties and displacement in the area, highlighting the urgent need for diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the conflict and protect civilian lives.