Russian Defence Minister Shoigu highlights surging drone production amidst technical challenges

Despite technological difficulties, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu declared a rise in military drone manufacturing. Due to Western sanctions, Russia has increased its domestic production, with a target of 32,000 drones annually by 2030.

According to Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, the nation has produced many more military drones in the last year. Speaking at a tour of drone production facilities in Udmurtia’s Volga River region, Shoigu emphasised the development of production capacity that allows for the execution of important tasks. At the same time, he admitted that technical issues still need to be resolved.

In video footage released by the Defence Ministry, Minister Shoigu said, “The production capacities that have been created allow us to complete most of the tasks that we are faced with today.” He acknowledged that, despite the advancements, there are still significant technical problems with drone technology.

Prior to this, Russia pledged to produce 6,000 attack drones by the summer of 2025. But Moscow has even greater goals, as revealed by the recent revelation from the TASS news agency, aiming to create an astounding 32,000 drones a year by 2030. Furthermore, home producers intend to hold 70% of the market.

The consequences of the Western sanctions placed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 are one of the main factors behind the increase in domestic output. Due to these sanctions, it is now challenging for the nation to import the necessary components to manufacture unmanned combat aerial vehicles. As they are more affordable, Russia is now forced to use Shahed drones manufactured in Iran to launch assaults during the current conflict in Ukraine.

Russia is demonstrating its resolve to become self-sufficient in this vital defence technology and lessen its reliance on outside suppliers by increasing the manufacturing of drones. Despite these obstacles, the nation seems determined to push over technological barriers to meet its lofty goals for drone production.