Russian official issues stark warning on missile transfers to Ukraine, cautions of severe consequences

With the conflict escalating and the missile’s range expanding, Russian official Vladimir Ermakov cautions countries supporting missile deliveries to Ukraine about the terrible repercussions and urges them to exercise caution to prevent additional destabilisation in the area.

The director of Russia’s foreign ministry’s department for non-proliferation and arms control, Vladimir Ermakov, sent a strong warning to nations that are contributing to the growing missile transfers to Ukraine. Ermakov stressed that anybody making these kinds of deliveries ought to be completely aware of the inevitable consequences, which could involve risks to their safety.

Ermakov drew attention to the alarming trend of the missiles’ increasing range, which is being provided to Ukraine and indicates a risky escalation of the ongoing conflict. The director warned that countries assisting in these supplies could face far-reaching repercussions and advised them to think carefully about the wider ramifications of their actions.

The missiles that have been transferred to Ukraine have a growing range. Ermakov said, “Countries carrying out such deliveries must be aware of the inevitable consequences of such steps, including ultimately for their security.”

The Russian official highlighted that the situation might eventually go out of control and voiced concern over what he saw as the West’s role in an escalation spiral. He emphasised that to stop additional destabilisation in the area, the international community should proceed with caution and seek to defuse the situation.

To prevent a future crisis, Ermakov urged a reevaluation of the current trajectory. He stated, “It has been repeatedly emphasised that progress along the escalating spiral twisted by the West may at some point come out of ‘under control.'”

With greater military assistance from some Western nations for Ukraine, the statement comes amid heightened tensions in the region.