South Korean and global tech giants unite to pledge responsible AI development at Seoul AI Business Pledge

The joint pledge, announced at the AI Global Forum, highlights commitment to responsible AI development by advancing safety research, identifying best practices, and ensuring collaboration to address societal challenges with AI.

In a landmark move, leading South Korean and global technology firms have joined forces to pledge their commitment to the responsible development and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to tackle societal challenges while ensuring ethical AI practices. The historic Seoul AI Business Pledge, unveiled during the prestigious AI Global Forum in Seoul, marks a pivotal step towards fostering a safer and more inclusive AI landscape.

The pledge, spearheaded by 14 esteemed companies including Samsung Electronics Co., Naver Corp., Kakao Corp., KT Corp., Google, OpenAI, and IBM, was announced amidst the opening ceremony of the AI Global Forum, a cornerstone event co-hosted by South Korea and Britain. This gathering serves as a sequel to the inaugural global AI safety summit held last year, where pioneering guidelines on AI safety were endorsed.

The joint pledge affirmed their commitment to upholding the three strategic priorities, expressing their dedication to responsible AI stewardship through efforts such as advancing AI safety research, identifying best practices, collaborating across sectors, and assisting AI in addressing society’s greatest challenges.

Central to the pledge are three overarching priorities: ensuring responsible AI development and usage, pursuing sustainable innovation in AI, and guaranteeing equitable distribution of AI benefits across society. Acknowledging the swift evolution of AI and its profound global ramifications, the participating companies vow to champion responsible AI development in alignment with the Seoul Declaration, which advocates for safe, innovative, and inclusive AI solutions.

The AI Global Forum, convened with representatives from 19 nations including the United States, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy, features ministerial sessions focused on fortifying AI safety measures. Esteemed industry figures such as Jason Kwon, Chief Strategy Officer of OpenAI, and Tom Lue, Vice President of Google DeepMind, are slated to engage in substantive roundtable discussions during the forum.

As the world navigates the transformative potential of AI, the Seoul AI Business Pledge stands as a testament to collaborative efforts towards fostering ethically sound and socially beneficial AI ecosystems on a global scale.