South Korean FSS chief emphasizes strength of Korean capital market in talks with global investors

South Korea’s FSS head, Lee Bok-hyun, urged global investors in New York to tap into South Korea’s resilient financial market, emphasizing its stability and ongoing reforms to boost economic fundamentals and attract foreign investment.

In a bid to bolster international investment in South Korea’s burgeoning financial market, Lee Bok-hyun, the head of South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), appealed to global investors during a high-profile investor relations event in New York. Lee emphasized the robust fundamentals of South Korea’s financial sector and ongoing governmental initiatives aimed at further enhancing its stability and attractiveness to investors.

During the event, which was jointly organized with the Korea Exchange, Lee underscored the resilience of South Korea’s financial industry, asserting its capacity to absorb potential risks effectively. He emphasized the nation’s commitment to bolstering economic fundamentals through comprehensive restructuring initiatives, leveraging the soundness of its financial sector as a cornerstone for growth.

Lee’s outreach efforts come in the wake of the government-led “corporate value-up program,” launched earlier in the year to elevate the value of local businesses and mitigate the so-called “Korea discount,” where local shares trade below their intrinsic worth.

In his engagements with prominent figures from global financial institutions such as Carlyle Group, Morgan Stanley, and Blackstone, Lee reiterated South Korea’s dedication to fostering an attractive investment climate and facilitating the expansion of foreign financial institutions into the Korean market, aligning with the nation’s broader economic agenda.

The FSS highlighted the significance of the investor relations event in elevating global awareness of South Korea’s financial landscape, aiming to showcase the stability of its markets and the proactive measures undertaken to propel its financial ecosystem forward.

In a separate meeting with members of the Korea Finance Society on Wall Street, Lee emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration in promoting South Korea’s financial market development and fostering stronger ties between the United States and South Korea.