Steady Fuel Supply in Laos: Authorities reassure public amid foreign currency concerns

The Lao Fuel and Gas Association (LFGA) and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) have issued reassuring statements to alleviate concerns regarding Laos’ fuel distribution amid potential foreign currency challenges, prompted by a statement from PTT Lao Limited warning of a possible fuel shortage.

LFGA emphasized that there is no need for panic, assuring residents that the country has learned from past experiences and will not face a fuel shortage as it did in 2022. They communicated that fuel importation by 14 companies remains consistent, meeting national demand, and affirmed that the government will continue providing the necessary foreign currency to support fuel imports.

MOIC echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that fuel distribution within the country is well-maintained to meet market demands. Laos currently imports substantial daily quantities of petrol and diesel while over 80 percent of gas stations are operational.

The Ministry urged citizens to maintain trust in the government and exercise caution when consuming information from social media to avoid potential misinformation. These official notices underscore Laos’ commitment to ensuring a stable and consistent fuel supply for its residents.