Stunning electric blue tarantula identified in Thailand

In a remarkable discovery, a captivating electric blue tarantula species has been identified in Thailand by a team of Thai researchers. Their expedition, conducted in southern Thailand’s Phang-Nga province, was aimed at studying the diversity and distribution of tarantulas within the country.

Described as having a “mesmerizing blue-violet hue, reminiscent of electric blue sparks,” this newfound tarantula species was documented in a study published in the research journal ZooKeys on September 18. The research team, which included Thai wildlife YouTuber JoCho Sippawat, who is also an author of the paper, encountered the spider residing in a mangrove forest.

Interestingly, the team decided to auction off the naming rights for this new species as a means of generating awareness and funds for the indigenous Lahu community in northern Thailand, a group that Sippawat is associated with. The name chosen, Chilobrachys natanicharum, pays homage to two executives from the company that won the naming contest.