Taiwan and Czech Republic set to launch advanced chip research center

Taiwan and the Czech Republic are considering inaugurating the ‘Czech-Taiwanese Advanced Chip Design Research Center,’ poised to bolster semiconductor capabilities.

In a significant collaboration aimed at bolstering semiconductor capabilities, Taiwan and the Czech Republic are on the verge of finalising a deal to establish the “Czech-Taiwanese Advanced Chip Design Research Center” within two weeks, as confirmed by Eric Huang, head of Taiwan’s Department of European Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Huang disclosed that the negotiations between the two countries have progressed smoothly, with nearly all aspects of the project agreed upon. Once finalised, the centre will serve as a hub for advanced chip design and semiconductor research, with both parties committing to regular oversight through a supervisory committee to ensure its progress aligns with expectations.

The agreement underscores Taiwan’s commitment to supporting Czechia in advancing its semiconductor industry, leveraging Taiwanese technology and expertise. Although specifics regarding Taiwan’s financial contribution and technology provision have not been disclosed by MOFA, the initiative is part of a broader five-year plan to bolster chip design capabilities in the European nation.

The collaboration holds strategic significance, not only for Czechia’s industrial development but also for Taiwan’s semiconductor companies seeking to expand their presence in the European market. By facilitating connections with European supply chains, the project aims to enhance business opportunities for Taiwanese firms while fostering technological exchange between the two regions.

MOFA’s press release highlights the importance of this partnership in helping Czechia leverage its existing industrial infrastructure to establish a robust semiconductor industry. Moreover, it emphasizes Taiwan’s role as a key contributor to global semiconductor innovation and its commitment to supporting international collaborations in the field.

The impending establishment of the Czech-Taiwanese Advanced Chip Design Research Center signals a pivotal step towards strengthening semiconductor capabilities and fostering closer ties between Taiwan and Europe in the realm of technology and innovation.