Taiwan vows continued efforts in global health despite WHA exclusion

President Lai Ching-te affirmed Taiwan’s commitment to global health, praising Minister Chiu Tai-yuan’s efforts at the WHA. Despite exclusion, Taiwan seeks to build a “Healthy Taiwan” while deepening international partnerships for resilient public health systems.

President Lai Ching-te of Taiwan affirmed its unwavering commitment to global health initiatives despite its exclusion from the World Health Assembly (WHA). In a meeting with Minister of Health and Welfare Chiu Tai-yuan, President Lai commended Taiwan’s significant strides in global health participation, as outlined in a Presidential Office press release.

Praising Minister Chiu’s leadership, President Lai highlighted the delegation’s proactive engagement at the 77th WHA, noting an increase in sideline meetings with high-ranking officials compared to previous years. Minister Chiu’s efforts bore fruit with the signing of health cooperation agreements with countries such as the Czech Republic, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

President Lai underscored the growing international support for Taiwan’s inclusion in global health endeavours, citing endorsements from 26 WHA member countries and the European Union. He emphasi Taiwan’s indispensable role in safeguarding global health security, reiterating that health is a universal human right transcending borders.

Central to Taiwan’s agenda under the new government is the establishment of a “Healthy Taiwan,” aimed at ensuring citizens lead long and healthy lives while leveraging the nation’s expertise in public health and medicine to bolster international cooperation.

Expressing gratitude to the international community for its steadfast support, President Lai extended appreciation to Minister Chiu and his delegation. Taiwan remains steadfast in deepening global partnerships to fortify the resilience of the global public health system, President Lai affirmed.

Amid its exclusion from the WHA, Taiwan’s resolve to contribute meaningfully to global health remains undeterred, signaling a determined effort to navigate diplomatic challenges and uphold its commitment to public health on the international stage.