Taiwanese agriculture expert shuts social media account amid death threats over egg import critique

Taiwanese agriculture expert Lin Yu-hung, known by his Facebook handle “Lin Bay 好油,” has taken the decision to close his social media account following a barrage of death threats. Lin, a vocal critic of the Tsai Ing-wen government, attributed the threats to his stance on the contentious egg import issue.

In his final post on September 22, Lin expressed concern for the safety of his family, stating, “As a husband and father, I can no longer put my family in danger.” He announced his intention to take a break from posting comments and participating in political discussions while he sorts out the situation.

Lin also shared a screenshot of one of the alleged threats, which contained offensive language and raised concerns about the safety of his wife and children.

Searching for “Lin Bay 好油” on Facebook yields a series of comments from concerned users. One user, Stephanie Chen, expressed sympathy for Lin’s treatment and lamented the apparent decline of democracy.

Lin’s expertise lies in agricultural policies, and he has been a vocal advocate on the issue of egg shortages, having penned 40 articles on the subject, as reported by Global Vision Magazine. He has consistently highlighted the government’s shortcomings in addressing the egg scarcity problem.

The controversy surrounding egg imports eventually resulted in the resignation of Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung and an apology from Premier Chen Chien-jen. The government is now working to ensure food safety in response to reports of mislabeled imported eggs.