Tajikistan’s Silk Road treasures granted UNESCO World Heritage status

In a significant recognition of Tajikistan’s rich cultural heritage, the 45th session of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Material Cultural Heritage held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, made a historic decision. During this session, the committee granted UNESCO World Heritage status to the “Transnational Cultural Heritage of the Silk Roads: ‘Zarafshan-Karakum’.”

This prestigious designation encompasses a series of remarkable monuments and sites, including ancient Panjakent, the town of Sanjarshah, the fortress Hisorak, Gardani Hisor, Fortress of Mugh, Fortress of Kum, Tali Hamtuda, Toksankorez irrigation system, and the Tomb of Khoja Muhammad Bashoro. Tajikistan’s Foreign Ministry proudly shared this momentous achievement, highlighting the nation’s commitment to preserving and showcasing its invaluable cultural legacy on the global stage.