Tragic downing of Il-76 sparks diplomatic tensions: Russia reveals lack of US cooperation in joint investigation

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have grown more complex when Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergey Naryshkin disclosed that the US has not suggested a joint investigation into the downing of the Il-76 plane.

Following the tragic downing of the Il-76 aircraft carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war (POWs) on January 24, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director, Sergey Naryshkin, disclosed that US intelligence has not suggested conducting a joint investigation into the incident.

Responding to a question from a reporter for the Shot Telegram channel, Naryshkin clarified, “No, we have not received any,” indicating that Russia has not been contacted with offers of collaboration for a joint inquiry into the circumstances behind the Il-76 aviation disaster.

Naryshkin highlighted that the Russian and American intelligence services are still in communication with one another, which raises the question of the situation’s wider ramifications even in the face of a lack of cooperation in the investigative process.

The catastrophic event occurred when Russian military transport aircraft carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war meant for exchange was shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 65 Ukrainian military were among the 74 passengers on board the Il-76 airliner when the awful event occurred.

The incident was quickly termed a terror act by the Russian Defence Ministry, which said Kyiv knew the prisoners were being transported to the Kolotilovka crossing for an exchange. Moscow claims that Russia was intentionally trying to implicate it in the supposed execution of Ukrainian servicemen by the attack on the aircraft.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have increased as a result of the downing of the Il-76 airliner, with both countries making accusations and placing blame for the event on the other. The absence of a joint investigation proposal from the US complicates matters further and raises concerns about the possibilities for cooperation in resolving the crash’s cause as well as the response of other countries.