TSMC’s April revenue hits NT$236 billion, marking second highest in history

TSMC, Taiwan’s semiconductor giant, recorded an impressive revenue surge in April, exceeding NT$200 billion. Fueled by AI computing demand, their forecast hints at sustained growth, outpacing industry projections.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) has recently shattered its revenue records, boasting an impressive surge past NT$200 billion (U.S.$6.16 billion) in April, marking its second-highest monthly return in history. The semiconductor behemoth reported April revenues of NT$236.02 billion, falling just shy of its pinnacle set in October last year at NT$243.2 billion.

This remarkable uptick represents a substantial 59.6% leap from the same period in 2023, with a notable 20.9% rise over March figures. TSMC’s cumulative revenue for the initial four months of the year soared to NT$828.66 billion, indicating a robust 26.2% uptick compared to the corresponding period last year.

The driving forces behind TSMC’s staggering revenue upswing are attributed to robust demand for high-performance computing, particularly linked to artificial intelligence (AI), alongside vigorous customer appetites for 3-nanometer and 5nm advanced process technology.

Forecasts for the second quarter remain bullish, with TSMC estimating revenues in the ballpark of U.S.$19.6 billion to U.S.$20.4 billion, indicating a quarter-on-quarter increase of approximately 6%. Industry insiders project TSMC’s average monthly revenue for May and June to hover between NT$198.6 billion to NT$211.5 billion.

With the escalating demand for AI server chips, TSMC anticipates a substantial 21% to 26% growth in dollar-denominated revenue for the fiscal year, outstripping the projected 14% to 19% expansion rate for the semiconductor foundry industry at large.