UK imposes sanctions on 2 extremist groups, 4 settler leaders for alleged violence against Palestinians

The UK government announced new sanctions on extremist Israeli groups and individuals for their involvement in settler violence in the West Bank, citing a significant increase in such violence.

According to a statement from the UK government on Friday, new sanctions have been imposed on extremist Israeli groups and individuals for their role in inciting and perpetrating settler violence in the West Bank. These actions are in response to a notable rise in such violence over the past year and expand upon a prior UK sanctions package introduced in February.

The UK has unveiled fresh sanctions targeting extremist groups and individuals allegedly involved in violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron introduced this sanctions package, building on earlier measures implemented in February against four Israelis suspected of orchestrating violent attacks on Palestinians. Cameron emphasized in a statement that the actions of extremist settlers are eroding security, stability, and the potential for peace.

Cameron stated that the latest sanctions package aims at two groups and four individuals deemed responsible for violent acts against Palestinian civilians. The groups mentioned are Hilltop Youth, described as a hardline nationalist Israeli youth organization establishing illegal settler outposts in the West Bank, and Lehava, sanctioned for their role in inciting violence against Arab and Palestinian communities.

The individuals listed include prominent far-right activist Noam Federman, whose son Ely has already faced sanctions from the U.S., Neria Ben Pazi from Rimonim Farm in the West Bank, also previously sanctioned by the U.S., and settler leaders Eden Levi and Elisha Yered. The measures entail financial and travel restrictions imposed on both entities and individuals, according to the statement.