Ukrainian Drone Strike Damages $1.2 Billion Russian Air Defense System in Belgorod

In a significant escalation, Ukrainian drones damaged a $1.2 billion Russian S-400 air defense system in Belgorod, part of an ongoing drone conflict.

A drone strike on Russia’s Belgorod area damaged an S-400 Russian Triumf air defence system which cost around $1.2 billion. There were 40 of these Iranian-made ‘Shahed’ drones out of which 30 were shot by Ukraine.

This event bears resemblance to a similar incident that occurred last month in Yevpatoria, where Ukrainian forces executed a special operation that resulted in the destruction of a Russian air defense Triumf system. On September 14 overnight, the security service’s military counter-intelligence and the Ukrainian navy was involved in the event.  Although several homes were damaged, severe casualties are reportedly less.

The irony of naming the Russian defence system “Triumf” is openly being ridiculed by the public. As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urges the Western Allies to continue their support to Ukraine. On the same night, the demands of the Kyiv regime were suppressed and terrorist attacks were carried out on objects on the territory of the Russian Federation. This leads to implications about political motivations or tensions behind these attacks and that Russia views these actions as related to political issues involving the Ukrainian government.

Moscow has accused Kyiv’s intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov, air force commander Mykola Oleshchuk, navy commander Oleksiy Neizhpapa, and Serhiy Burdenyuk, who leads the 383rd unmanned aviation brigade, of terrorism charges. “It has also been established that the defendants involved their subordinate servicemen in committing the crimes,” said Russia’s Investigative Committee in a statement.

The event highlights the ongoing military dynamics in the region, with both sides engaged in drone operations and Ukraine actively pursuing a strategy to challenge Russian control over certain areas. Both Russia and Ukraine have reported frequent incursions by drones as Kyiv continues its retributive efforts aimed at regaining territory held by Russia.