Ukrainian hackers strike Russian war-supporting firms in major cyber offensive

These cyber attacks represent a new front in the ongoing conflict, demonstrating Ukraine’s growing sophistication in digital warfare.

Ukrainian defence intelligence has reported a series of successful attacks against Russian companies supporting the ongoing war effort. The operations, conducted over the past week, have resulted in massive data losses and service disruptions for multiple entities closely tied to Russia’s military-industrial complex.

OrbitSoft, a software developer contracted by the Russian army, suffered the loss of over 100 terabytes of data. The scale of this breach is substantial, potentially compromising sensitive information and disrupting software services crucial to Russian military operations. The extent of the damage and its impact on OrbitSoft’s ability to fulfil its military contracts remains unclear.

Orient Systems, a company specializing in navigation equipment for Russian military hardware manufacturers, including those producing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), destroyed all data on eight of its servers. This attack could significantly impair the production and functionality of Russian military navigation systems, potentially affecting the accuracy and reliability of various weapon systems.

In Nizhny Novgorod, two major internet service providers, Linktelecom NN and Access Telecom, were targeted. Ukrainian hackers reportedly destroyed all data on 19 servers belonging to these companies. In an unprecedented move, all subscribers of these providers received messages reminding them of the inevitable payback for the war against Ukraine, directly communicating the motive behind the attack to Russian civilians.

These cyber-attacks represent a new front in the ongoing conflict, demonstrating Ukraine’s growing sophistication in digital warfare. By targeting companies that support Russia’s military-industrial complex, Ukraine aims to disrupt the supply chain and logistics supporting the Russian war effort.

The Russian government has not yet officially commented on these cyber attacks. However, sources within the Russian cybersecurity community, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that there has been a notable uptick in sophisticated cyber attacks targeting military-affiliated companies in recent weeks.

These developments raise questions about the evolving nature of modern warfare, where battles are fought not just on physical fronts but also in the digital realm. The ability to disrupt enemy operations through cyber means adds a new dimension to military strategy and national defence.