UN General Assembly backs Palestinian bid for full membership

UN General Assembly overwhelmingly backs Palestinian bid for full membership, urging Security Council to reconsider, despite potential U.S. veto.

In a significant diplomatic development, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly overwhelmingly endorsed a Palestinian bid for full UN membership, signalling global support for the recognition of a Palestinian state. The vote, conducted among the 193-member General Assembly, reflected a robust majority in favour of the Palestinian quest for full membership, which was thwarted by a U.S. veto in the UN Security Council just a month prior.

With an impressive tally of 143 votes in favour and only nine against – notably including the United States and Israel – along with 25 abstentions, the assembly’s resolution underlines the international community’s resonance with the Palestinian cause. The resolution “determines that the State of Palestine … should therefore be admitted to membership” and urges the UN Security Council to reconsider the matter affirmatively.

Membership in the UN, governed by the principles outlined in its founding charter, is extended to “peace-loving states” committed to upholding the organization’s mandates. While the General Assembly’s resolution does not confer full UN membership upon Palestine, it acknowledges its qualification for such status.

However, the path to full membership entails approval from both the 15-member Security Council and the General Assembly. Despite the General Assembly’s resounding endorsement, the prospect of a U.S. veto looms large, mirroring the previous outcome in the Security Council.

The General Assembly’s resolute stance underscores the enduring complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the global community’s aspirations for a peaceful resolution.