UN humanitarian coordinator denounces Russian rocket attacks in Ukraine, warns of humanitarian disaster

Russian rocket strikes in Ukraine, which have resulted in a humanitarian crisis and civilian deaths, are strongly condemned by UN Humanitarian Coordinator Denise Brown.

The UN humanitarian coordinator in Ukraine, Denise Brown, strongly condemned the recent rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities by Russian forces and expressed grave worry about the effects on civilians and the interruption of vital services. The attacks happened this morning and have caused a serious humanitarian disaster due to the large number of civilian casualties.

“A significant number of civilians were affected as a result of these strikes, which is extremely upsetting,” Brown said, emphasising the distressing effects of the strikes. Basic services have been severely disrupted by the attacks, especially in Mykolaiv and Kyiv, the country’s capital. Essential utilities like gas, water and electricity supply have been negatively impacted, which has made things worse for the populace, particularly during the hard winter months.

For transportation, cooking, or heating, millions of people depend on these services. Brown said, highlighting the profound effects of the attacks on Ukrainians’ day-to-day lives, “They are essential to the operation of medical and educational institutions.”

In addition to expressing genuine concern for the impacted population’s welfare, the humanitarian coordinator emphasised the necessity of basic services for survival, particularly during the chilly winter months.

Brown urged a swift end to the attacks that have caused fear and uncertainty among the civilian population, saying that “Ukrainians should live without fear that their lives will be destroyed due to strikes.” The appeal is a request for harmony and the defence of Ukrainians’ inalienable right to live free from ongoing hostilities.