Uzbekistan and China inaugurate innovative cargo transportation route

Uzbekistan and China have inaugurated a cutting-edge cargo transportation route, marking a significant milestone in bilateral economic cooperation.

Uzbekistan and China have commenced cargo transportation through a newly established route, signalling a significant leap forward in their economic collaboration, as reported by Trend. The Ministry of Transport in Uzbekistan, in collaboration with the Association of International Road Carriers, worked closely with relevant Chinese ministries and departments to organize this strategic corridor.

The innovative trade route links Uzbekistan to Qingdao, situated in the eastern part of China, offering a swift, cost-effective, and secure means of cargo transportation. Leveraging the TIR carnet, Uzbekistan’s national carriers successfully navigate this route, making a round trip that traverses Kazakhstan via Khorgos to reach Qingdao, located on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

To facilitate the “door-to-door” delivery principle along this trade corridor, Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Transport actively supports enterprises. This assistance includes expediting visa issuance for drivers, providing international permits for transportation, and promptly addressing issues that may arise during customs control in foreign countries. Such proactive measures aim to enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of cargo transportation along the route.

Simultaneously, the Chinese Zhengzhou Hongyi Transportation Logistics Company has initiated road freight transportation from Shenzhen to Tashkent. This development is marked by a notable reduction in travel time, with the 6,500-kilometer journey now taking just 7 days, nearly three times faster than the previous 20-day duration. This optimization not only accelerates cargo movement but also contributes to cost savings and improved competitiveness in the trade relationship between China and Uzbekistan.

The active engagement of private entities, such as the Zhengzhou Hongyi Transportation Logistics Company, highlights the dynamic nature of collaboration in the logistics sector. By embracing road freight transportation, these companies play a crucial role in unlocking new possibilities for trade expansion and economic growth.

The inauguration of this cargo transportation route represents a broader trend of nations strategically enhancing their trade infrastructure to facilitate smoother cross-border movement of goods. For Uzbekistan and China, this venture not only strengthens their economic ties but also positions them as key players in the evolving landscape of international trade.

The opening of a new cargo transportation route between Uzbekistan and China represents a significant step forward in their economic relationship. The collaborative efforts of government agencies, international road carriers, and private enterprises demonstrate the commitment to developing efficient and dynamic trade corridors that benefit both countries. This strategic initiative streamlines logistics while also positioning Uzbekistan and China as key players in shaping the future of international trade connectivity.