Vietnamese workers safe after factory blaze in Taiwan, receive support

Sixteen Vietnamese workers who were injured in a factory fire in Taiwan (China) have been confirmed safe, with local authorities and agencies swiftly providing support and assistance to ensure their well-being.

The incident, which occurred in Taiwan (China), left 16 Vietnamese workers injured, as reported by the Labour Management Board of the Việt Nam Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan. Among the injured, three workers sustained serious injuries, four had moderate injuries, and nine had minor injuries. Notably, three of the workers with minor injuries have already been discharged from the hospital.

Local officials have taken immediate action to provide compensation to the affected workers. Those with severe injuries received a grant of NT$100,000 (approximately US$3,113), while individuals with moderate injuries were granted NT$10,000 (about $311.3). Workers with minor injuries were also compensated with NT$5,000 (roughly $155.6).

It is reassuring to know that all Vietnamese workers involved in the incident are now accounted for and safe, thanks to the prompt response and support from local authorities.