Wang Yi urges SCO unity to counter global hegemony

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged SCO member states to uphold unity, cooperation, inclusiveness, and openness to counter global hegemony.

In a compelling address on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called upon member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to uphold unity, cooperation, inclusiveness, and openness. His appeal aims to fortify the organization’s solidarity and strengthen its role in promoting regional stability and development.

Wang Yi’s remarks come at a crucial time when power struggles and geopolitical tensions increasingly characterize global dynamics. He highlighted that certain countries, driven by hegemonic ambitions and power politics, engage in interference and suppression.

Their objective, Wang noted, is to undermine the strategic independence of the “Global South” and impede the revitalization of emerging markets and developing countries. In response to these challenges, Wang Yi emphasized the importance of the “Shanghai Spirit,” a set of principles that guide the SCO. These principles include mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity, and the pursuit of common development. By adhering to these values, Wang believes that SCO member states can effectively safeguard their common interests and respond to various challenges.

Wang Yi’s call for unity is rooted in the belief that the SCO can serve as a powerful platform for member states to collaborate on issues of regional and global importance. He stressed the need for enhanced cooperation in areas such as security, economic development, and cultural exchange. By working together, SCO countries can create a more balanced and just international order. He argued that in the face of unilateralism and protectionism, SCO member states must stand together to uphold international norms and protect the rights of all nations, especially those from the developing world. This unity is essential for resisting external pressures and ensuring that the path to development remains open for all.

Wang also underscored the importance of inclusiveness and openness in the SCO’s approach. He advocated for the organization to continue expanding its partnerships and engaging with other regional and international entities.