Xi Jinping congratulates new Australian Governor-General Samantha Mostyn, emphasizes strong bilateral ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent congratulations to new Australian Governor-General Samantha Mostyn, stressing the importance of a healthy China-Australia relationship for mutual interests and global stability, underlining prospects for deeper cooperation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping extended warm congratulations to Samantha Mostyn on her appointment as the new Governor-General of Australia. In his message sent on Monday, Xi highlighted the significance of maintaining a robust and stable relationship between China and Australia, emphasizing that such a partnership serves the fundamental and long-term interests of both nations and their peoples.

Xi Jinping’s congratulatory note comes at a pivotal time for China-Australia relations, which have seen both cooperation and tension in recent years. Xi’s message reflects China’s commitment to fostering a positive and constructive dialogue with Australia, aiming to enhance mutual understanding and collaboration across various sectors. The Chinese leader expressed his confidence that Mostyn’s leadership would usher in a new chapter of bilateral relations characterized by mutual respect, cooperation, and shared growth.

Xi pointed out that a healthy and steady China-Australia relationship aligns with the core interests of both nations, facilitating economic growth, cultural exchange, and people-to-people connections. He emphasized that by working together, China and Australia can address common challenges, promote sustainable development, and contribute to a more peaceful and prosperous world. The message underlines the potential for collaboration in areas such as trade, technology, education, and environmental protection, which are crucial for the long-term well-being of both countries.

The Chinese President also noted the importance of maintaining open lines of communication and fostering trust between the two nations. He reiterated China’s commitment to upholding principles of mutual respect, equality, and win-win cooperation in its foreign relations. Xi expressed his hope that under Mostyn’s tenure, both countries would continue to work towards resolving differences through dialogue and enhance their strategic partnership in a manner that benefits both sides and contributes to global stability.

Samantha Mostyn, a distinguished lawyer, and business leader, has been recognized for her contributions to various sectors, including corporate governance and environmental sustainability. Her appointment as Governor-General marks a significant milestone in Australia’s leadership landscape, and Xi’s message indicates a willingness on the part of China to engage constructively with Australia under her guidance.

The congratulatory message from Xi Jinping highlights the evolving dynamics of China-Australia relations and the importance of bilateral ties in the context of regional and global affairs.